Exam Discussion

Top three things you liked about the class structure:
1.) The contracts seemed a bit frustrating at first because we had to plan things out before we had anything done, but they ultimately worked to our advantage. They kept us on target.
2.) Blogging.
3.) The was a good mixture of being able to work on our projects and discussing history in the digital age within class periods.

Top three things you would change about the class structure:
1.) I would have liked to see introductions to more tools that could have been useful to our site. Perhaps other ways to make timelines and interactive maps.
2.) Contracts probably shouldn’t be due until we go over all of the tools and have had a little time to really absorb them. For instance, my group decided on Omeka before we really had the chance to experiment with it. Had we known it would be so ugly…
3.) Um…

One or two projects/topics that you think might be good for future iterations of this class to do:
1.) Perhaps do something with the James Farmer Oral History Project.
2.) Fredericksburg stresses its colonial and Civil War connections, so I’d like to see other periods explored. Maybe something on segregation and the Civil Rights movement. Or 20th century wartime mobilization.

What advice would you give to future students who take this class?
1.) Don’t run away when you hear that you’ll have to work in groups. It’s not so bad.
2.) Talk with your group and try alternate forms of communication.
3.) Google docs will be your salvation!


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