Week 13

So, Research and Creativity Day didn’t really go great, but it didn’t go badly either. It was less than exciting, but it’s made me think more about what I want to say and how I want to say it for the History Symposium.

The site is on its way to being done. Our interactive map is where it should be, and we’ve got Google Analytics going now. We’ve already had visits, but I’m pretty sure it’s just tracking us. At least I hope so. Good God, Vistaprint keeps sending stuff to our site gmail. And every single email stresses that things are “FREE FREE FREE!” Except it’s NOT NOT NOT!

Anyway, I recently uploaded a lot of pictures that John Hennessy didn’t provide us with because I felt that the site needed a little more sprucing up for the exhibits. So, now there are photos and illustrations for more of the pages, like the battles, Gettysburg, and the Christian Commission. I also put up photos of all of the profiled women that I could find pictures for. Everything else that I need to do is just checking tags, footnotes, links, and whatnot.


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One Response to “Week 13”

  1. Caryn Says:

    I am sorry that Creativity Day was not as “stellar” as you thought it would be. It is nice to have a dress rehearsal for the History Symposium. I have ordered things from Vista print before and they send me offers for free lawn signs and magnets…who really needs a lawn sign? What is the URL for your website? I would love to check it out!!! Good luck on finishing up this weekend!