Week 12

So, first I want to ask: why haven’t I heard of H-net until now?

Anyway, I thought the “Blogging for your Students” article was interesting because I’ve mostly been on the actual blogging end of teacher/student interactions rather that the teacher doing most of the blogging. I really think blogging (or wiki-ing) about readings and other class related things forces you to reflect critically on topics rather that it just going in one ear and out the other. It also gives you the opportunity to have discussions with your classmates, as well as to provide quick and easy access to outside sources that are relevant to the discussions. I know I try to provide my classmates with interesting little goodies when I have the chance. Obviously, I try to post some entertaining images for this class, and when I took American History in Film I occasionally posted the soundtracks of the films we were discussing.

With the way technology changes this day and age, I wonder if parts of Dr. McClurken’s article are going to be outdated when it’s finally published? The thing I found the most interesting was the online historical hoax, and I can only ask why don’t any of my classes do something half as cool? After all, the best way to learn is through hands on experience. Hint, hint. Though I think that’s what is good about this particular class. We could talk about digital history until we’re blue in the face, but it doesn’t really have a meaning unless we get our hands dirty ourselves.

Speaking of the project, we got our business cards in a couple of days, despite paying for seven day shipping, which makes me wonder what would have happened if we went for the longer period at a cheaper price. Oy, I can’t believe Research and Creativity Day is on Monday. My group is presenting at 4:00 pm, which means they ignored the times we said we were free, but it should be fine. We’ll be discussing what we want to talk about for the presentation this week. The pressure is building up, but I’m pretty confident. The site is getting there. I’ve written up the information on the Battle of the Wilderness, and the others are finishing up their sections. I have a few more profiles to work on, but otherwise the information work is pretty much done. I’ve tagged my sections and did some interlinking (and can someone tell me why it doesn’t link properly at first and then begins to work the next day?). The main objective now seems mostly about making the site look nice and doing footnotes.


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2 Responses to “Week 12”

  1. jmcclurken Says:

    “wonder if parts of Dr. McClurken’s article are going to be outdated when it’s finally published?”

    You’ve hit on one of my greatest fears about writing about digital history for print publication. The academic publishing schedule is completely out of touch with the speed of the digital world.

  2. cwright Says:

    Hey Taylor, I to am dreading the Reseach and Creativity Day, Mostly because it is going to be a long long day for me. I have to be downtown Fredericksburg to attend the Architecture Review Board for my History Preservation class. That will take place roughly around 7am-10am. I then have to be on campus to present my group’s project at 1pm. After which, I have class from 6pm-9pm. In other words, Monday is gonna suck. Good luck with the rest of your project, I am sure it will turn out in an excellent fashion.