Uh, what week is it again?

Time goes by really quickly, huh? I feel like I’ve just started on this project, but it’s already halfway through the semester.

Over the break I looked through more sources, including gathering information on the evacuation route of wounded into and out of Fredericksburg for the mapmakers. I uploaded some primary source letters written by women relief workers onto our website. I’ve also been getting together some dates to go into the timeline, as well as a few women relief workers who will be profiled on the site. Not you, Clara Barton! Everyone knows about you.

Uh oh, she’s got Mr. T on her side! Okay, ma’am, maybe just a little bit on you. If it was Chuck Norris, we’d have to dedicate the whole site to her.

Oh, good news! I solved the Fatal Error of Doom on Omeka, at least for the items. Patrick mentioned that there was an issue with Image Annotation being recognized without actually being turned on or something of that nature. I turned on Image Annotation and voila! Rejoice, kittens of the world!

Look, they’re so happy! Unfortunately, you aren’t all safe. The sections within the exhibits are still giving fatal errors. Patrick thinks that has to do with the lack of pages. And we can’t add pages until we know for certain how we want to divide information into pages. I think it’ll make more sense once we actually have our research written out.

P.S. No one will probably see this until Thursday morning when they’re desperately trying to post and make comments before class, but go see the Great Lives lecture tonight! Julia Child was one of the most awesome of super awesome people!


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4 Responses to “Uh, what week is it again?”

  1. Megan Whiteaker Says:

    I have to say all of your pictures I can easily relate to being a member of the Images group, it is perfect 🙂 And thank you for looking at my blog I wrote back on it but can do the same on your own…we do not want a bunch of pages with images, for exhibit we have 4, devil-goat day, commencement, formal events, and clubs/activities and want them just to show images not a bazillion pages (yes, I just wrote that, I sound like a 5 year old). But any tips?!?

  2. kokoro Says:

    We’ve run into the same problem, actually. We don’t want a bunch of pages because that will end up being a lot of clicking that we don’t want to put our visitors through. Unfortunately, it seems you have to have exhibits, and within those exhibits you have to have sections, and within those sections you have to have pages. We’ll try to figure something out, but if you guys come across a solution, we’ll be open ears!

  3. sunchild Says:

    yaaay!! You def are the master of our website! And its probably good to keep those little cats in line, can’t let them get too used to life.

    Trying to get more researching done tonight but to be completely honest I am starting to seriously hate the whole Civil War. Well in any event- go, team, go

  4. clevine Says:

    Ok first of all, you pictures are fantastic…with Norris on Barton’s side she can go quite far, cause ya know the quickest way to a man’s heart is with Chuck Norris’s fist…but seriously, your pictures are hilarious. My cat would be very happy to know that she has survived another day, so thank you for that! Now back to the real world, I really hope that there is another way that people can view the exhibits because it tuckers me out just reading how to get close to seeing a picture on there…can you imagine someone actually going through the trouble to look if they have to jump through all of these hoops? I’ll make a deal with you, if our group finds a way we will let you know and vice versa ok? See you tomorrow! -Caryn