Week 7: A Kitten Dies

The last few weeks have been kind of crazy. Last week it was papers, and this week it’s exams. And, of course, I’m as sick as a dog, which always and only seems happens when I have exams, exactly the time I don’t need to be sick.

This week my group and I have been experimenting with Omeka. We’ve set up an outline with exhibits and sections, though we aren’t entirely happy with the way it looks right now. We also aren’t happy with the evils of a “Fatal Error” message. According to Dr. McClurken, a kitten dies every time that message pops up, and while Lauren may be okay with that (it’s not puppies after all!), I’m not sure I’m okay with killing kittens.

Nooo! It’s too cute to die! Anyway, over the break the group is going to continue looking at primary sources. Most importantly, we’ll be gathering information for the mapmaking students, such as the location of hospitals and evacuations routes. We’ll also be collecting dates for the timeline and figuring out who to profile. Finally, while we’ve split up our primary sources, some of the information is relevant to what other members of the group are researching and writing about. We’re going to create google docs for each section, so we can add together that information we come across.


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2 Responses to “Week 7: A Kitten Dies”

  1. adegraffenreid31708 Says:

    Oh my goodness, me too! I almost always get sick right about exam time! I’m told it’s something about the stress…
    Even though Omeka isn’t working great for you, you seem to have a good plan on how to go forward with the rest of your semester.
    good luck over break! it seems everyone will have tons of work to do.


  2. klease Says:

    I was okay with the kitten issue and pretty much agreed with Lauren until I saw that picture. That is way too cute. We better fix that fatal error so we can save all of the other kittens. By the way, I also get sick around exam time. Maybe it’s a conspiracy.